Company renders the following Engineering support for airlines and MRO centers.

Services for air transportation

Aircraft Exterior:
  • Development of drawings for aircraft painting in coatings systems of such companies as AKZO NOBEL and PPG
  • Development of the certification package of documents and the obtaining the approval for the painting in the EASA (Livery Change Approval)

Aircraft Interior
  1. Design and project documentation development; replacement certification of soft interior elements.
    • seat covers
    • seat cushions
    • aircraft curtains
    • cabin carpets
    • non-Textile Floor Coverings of aircraft kitchens and vestibules
    • coverings of aircraft decorative panels
    • sidewall panels films, ceiling panels films, lavatory films, galley films and wardrobes film
  2. Development of project documentation for modification of passenger seats components such as:
    • seat tables
    • seat table locks
    • plastic moldings and decorative panels
  3. Development of project documentation for modification of buffets and galleys (replacement and reconfiguration of galley equipment)
    • boilers and water heaters
    • coffeemakers
    • ovens
    • refrigerators
  4. Development of project documentation for modification of partitions and aircraft wardrobe
  5. Development and approval of project documentation for the reconfiguration of the aircraft passenger cabin:
    • development of layout options (LOPA study) for almost any type of aircraft
    • reconfiguration of business and economy class seats
    • reconfiguration of galleys, buffets, partitions and wardrobes
    • reconfiguration of portable emergency equipment
  6. Development of project documentation and certification of passengers entertainment system installation IFES (In Flight Entertainment System)
  7. Development of project documentation and certification of the baggage compartment components installation, technical compartments

Services for aviation industry

Planned engineering competence of "Roand Techno-Graphics", Ltd.
In the design of aircraft structures and components for:
  • The airframe items
  • The secondary structures
  • Interiors
  • Systems
  • Operator workstations and ergonomics
In strength calculations:
  • Strength margin and allowable values
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Destruction security
  • Weight Optimization
  • Finite element models
  • Load and Design Analysis
  • Tests support
In the field of engineering and technological support of production:
  • Technological processes of parts and assemblies production
  • Technological processes of rigging production
  • Optimization of technological processes
  • Lean Production
  • Risk analysis of applied technologies
  • Production of spare parts
  • Manufacturing and operational rigging
In preparation of technical and operational documentation for aircraft developer:
  • Aircraft maintenance manual;
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogues.
In the area of repetition work for aircraft developer:
  • techniques of computer-aided, three-dimensional simulation of cabin in order to optimize the interior specifications determining process using decorative and trimming materials revealing together with customer "face" of aircraft.
In after-sales service:
  • Design and technical documentation on simulators and training equipment in order to train the personnel for the aircraft developer;
  • Technical documentation related to aircraft minor changes of interior, exterior, aircraft systems during the operation process for airlines and MRO centers;
  • catalogues of spare parts.